Monday, June 25, 2012

Progress on the playground and a trip to the coffee shop

From Lauren Carter:

Hello from Santa Maria! After finishing lunch yesterday, we drove back to our home-stays to prepare for a much appreciated trip to the coffee shop. Most of us had the usual “Fiesta” milkshake with ice cream, oreos and whipped cream. We stayed in town from 2-5, so after the coffee shop we had plenty of time to roam the town and relax in the park before dinner back at the home-stays. We visited the grocery store where we were able to stock up on small snacks. Today began with a morning full of working on the playground. We painted all the steps leading up to the slide in six different colors and the playground looks in very good shape. We also worked on making cement and moving the small rocks into place. We are all very excited to see the final result!


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